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This is a closed forum, so only people who pre-register can join. The administrators reserve the right to refuse anybody, with out having to give an explanation, and also reserve the rights to revoke membership if we feel it would be in the forums best interest.

In order to try and keep the forum SPAM free, each new person registering to join will be checked against a database of forum spammers. unfortunately this means there can be a delay in us authorising your registration, so please bear with us.

Also, please fill in the questions asking for rough location, sex, and first name, since these are fields which help us more easily differentiate between Spam registrations, and genuine ones.

Thanks you for you patience.

The idea for this forum is, there will be no nasty comments, and there will be sufficient moderators, that if someone does post a nasty, or out of order post it will just be deleted, no questions. If the poster then wants to continue in the same vane, they will be awarded warning points, and upon reaching certain criteria, various forum privileges will become removed. Ultimately, if it continues, a complete ban will be applied.

The forum consist of 10 sections.

The fluffy section, this will be the normal chat section, for light hearted mainly ferret stuff (pictures, stories etc).

Introductions, lets get to know each other.

The Help section, this will be for any questions of a slightly more serious note, but only constructive answers will be tolerated, and any personal comments will be deleted.

The Rainbow bridge is self explanatory.

Events, Advertise any Ferret Events, so other members can attend.

Lost and Found Ferrets is self explanatory.

Vets, Rescues and Boarding is a list of services that have been recommended by our members.

Jokes, clean only, but fun.

How to.. DIY, made something, and want to show us how you did it.

Items for Sale/Swap is self explanatory.

We also host private forum sections for Ferret clubs.

If you run a ferret club, and feel that your members would benefit from a members only section, only accessible by your members, please contact us, and we may be able to host it on here with the other clubs we have...

The idea of the Fluffy Ferret Forum, is not to actively compete against the other ferret forums, just to offer a place that is totally “Ferret Politic” and argument free. We have tried to make it child friendly as well, so we will not allow the use of bad language, for people who would like their children to be able to view a ferret forum safely.






If you are having any problems, please contact fluffyferretforum@lazy-ferret.co.uk

Enter the Fluffy Ferret Forum